What is Pilates?

PILATES Is a method of exercise that is unique from any other.  It uses special equipment designed by the creator of Pilates for Pilates exercise and was the ORIGINAL resistance-based fitness workout.  Originally called “Contrology” it was renamed Pilates in honor of its creator, Joseph Pilates after his death.

Pilates was originally called Contrology because the method emphasizes the use of  proper form during an exercise.  Exercises are not performed with mind numbing repetition.  Exercises are performed usually with only 5-10 reps with the intent that you use every ounce of effort for each move to be as precise as possible.  In order to do this, you must “recruit” your mind to control and move your body.  Your control and precision is challenged with exercises that emphasize a specific flow, tempo and coordination.  It is a complete work out of mind and body.

Joe lived from 1883 until 1967 and during that time, developed the Method, its order, the exercises contained with in it, and even the equipment it uses.  It was his life’s work.  Joe had an amazing vision for the future of fitness and truly he was 50 years ahead of his time.  He was a little quirky, but most geniuses are.  However his strength and vigor was undeniable and clearly visible -especially since he usually trotted around in his swimming trunks at the studio (he insisted all clients do this too!)  His use of springs and resistance equipment was the first of its kind.  He also had an inherent understanding of how the body moves and his system quickly and effectively trains it to work its best.  Today the use of resistance is highly regarded for its balanced development of the body, and Pilates’ formula for movement is the basis for so many different fitness types.

Joe worked with all sorts of people:  average working people, those who are broken, bendy, elderly, top-notch athletic and over weight and out of shape.  The beauty of the system he developed is that there is something in it to challenge and transform every body described above.  It is an extremely gentle low-impact form of exercise but also has a way of humbling even the most athletic.  It is a system that will uniformly develop the body and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.  Today, people especially love it because it gives your body length and strength with out adding bulk and helps you learn to use your core in a functional way.

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“Contrology is complete coordination of mind, body and spirit” -Joe Pilates