SBP’s Philosophy for Pilates

At Strong Body Pilates, I passionately believe in helping YOU to achieve your goals, what ever they may be.  If you are looking to shape up for a special date, or hoping to achieve greater mobility or anything in between, we are on your team and able to assist.

I recognize that there are a wide variety of work out styles, and each client may have a unique preferrence.  Some clients prefer to workout exclusively in a private training setting and others may enjoy the comraderie of a group session.  Sometimes a client may find themselves always on the go and while they want to work out, life does not let them keep a consistent workout schedule.  You might even be the kind of person who is a little bit of all three.  And that’s ok!  My goal is to help facilitate you and in achieving your goals -no matter how you prefer to work out.

At Strong Body Pilates, I firmly believe in the Classical style of Pilates.  This does NOT mean that I think you should squeeze your bum the entire time you are in the studio.  Nor does it mean that I think you need to tuck your pelvis for every exercise.  There are many misconceptions of Classical Pilates, and these are just a few.

What Classical Pilates IS is a Method of Body Conditioning that uniformely develops the body in systematic way.  It is a style of exercise that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.  It strengthens the muscles you DONT see and benefits every system of your body.  The beauty of the system is that by properly picking the right exercise for the client the equipment and the springs teach the body to move with ease and efficiency.  To summarize:  Its the good stuff.

I teach my clients the exercises for the reformer and the mat in accordance to the order that Joe Pilates developed, and I believe that this order is perfectly designed to teach the body to move as it should.  To me, every client is a student and they will begin their session with a whole body overall work out on either the reformer and /or mat which will not only invigorate the system, it will also let me see the strengths and needs of their body.

When a new client comes to the studio, we will craft a work out sequence that is just for them and designed for the needs of their body.  During the client’s sessions, we will practice this work out until they are ready to progress, receive challenges and learn new exercises.  I believe in this system because it allows the student to see how much they are learning and how much strength they are gaining!  Trust me, you will not get bored and just because you are consistently doing your work out, this is not some mindless kind of exercise.

My goal is for a client to ultimately learn the order of their work out, as well as the names of the exercises and spring settings.  With this strong foundation, a student has all the tools for their tool box to grow and progress.

Independent study is encouraged, and if you are interested in “keeping things fresh” by practicing on your own at home or while traveling I am happy to assist with a packet of exercises crafted just for your use.

When a client begins Pilates it is best to practice 2-3 times per week to allow everything to sink in.  I ask all clients to be patient!  You are learning a whole new way of working out, new exercises you may have never done before, on equipment that is unlike any other, and using muscles you may have never used.  There is alot to learn.  Be Patient!  If you stick with it, you will be amazed with the results you achieve.

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