Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates


Pilates is a terrific way to exercise during pregnancy.  A regular regimen of Pilates during pregnancy is a wonderful treat for moms to be.  It is a scheduled time for mom to focus on doing something wonderful for herself that is positive and refreshing.

Pilates is low-impact and a system with adjustable resistance.  The equipment is so versitile that exercises can easily be modified as you progress in your pregnancy.  A private session is an ideal way to address the individual needs of an expecting mother, especially when those needs are rapidly changing!

Prenatal Pilates Prenatal Pilates rowing prenatal pilates up stretch

A pre-natal session will typically focus on strengthening and opening exercises to prepare for labor and carrying baby afterward.  It can also incorporate foam roller and yamuna ball work to help the developing mother make space in her ribs, torso and abdomen for baby.  This can be a tremendous help in alleviating discomfort as baby and body grow.


After baby comes, and you are cleared for exercise Pilates can be help you to regain core strength and muscle awareness. The body does not stop changing after birth.  Nursing, carrying baby (and stroller, diaper bag and everything else), and changes in the body can cause aches, pains and general soreness.  The detailed eye of an instructor, along with the versitility of Pilates equipment and the Pilates Method can help you to recover and rehabilitate your body.

We also offer Mom and Baby Pilates mat classes! For more details, check out my page on (Peewee Pilates for New Mommies).