Mount Vernon Rates

For our New Clients we are pleased to offer a choice of two Introductory Packages! Each client may only choose one.

Choose between Introductory package A or B.

Introductory Package A: 3 Privates for $125 (+tax)
Introductory Package B: 5 Privates for $220 (+tax)

Private Sessions-
For ongoing clients we have three private session packages to choose from. The larger the package, the greater the savings! All prices shown are before tax.

Single Private -$55
5 Privates -$250
10 Privates -$450

Semi-Private Sessions-
Semi-Private Sessions are available by appointment and range from 2-3 clients. Clients are admitted into semi-private sessions by instructor approval only, and are matched with other clients based on level and ability. If you are interested in moving to semi-private sessions, let you instructor know early on. It may take a little work to find a suitable partner with a schedule that works.

At least one private session is required before a client moves into semi-private sessions. Clients in semi-private sessions are expected to be familiar with the exercises, and have developed the body awareness required to stay with in their core and know where their working levels are. Clients also are to have a thorough understanding of how to change their springs, and how to set the equipment up for an exercise.

Schedule changes and cancellations also impact your session-mates. Please refer to the studio policies section for late cancelation and scheduling policies that are unique to semi-private sessions.

Semi-private sessions are sold in packages of 5 for $170 (+tax).